Life & Leadership Skills through the Arts

DreamStreet Theatre Company is a nonprofit 501c3 organization company, serving the Greater Chicagoland area, with the mission of Empowerment, Mentoring and Advocacy through the Creative Arts.

Creative self-expression through DreamStreet Theatre Company’s multi-dimensional platform of purpose is empowering and enriching for many. We especially help to give a voice for those whose voice has been somehow, figuratively silenced, including those who are bullied, those traditionally marginalized, or otherwise vulnerable youth and teens.

The underlying nature of DreamStreet Theatre Company’s theatrical workshops, productions, programs and special initiatives involve messages related to character development, life skills and esteem building and leadership development.

Our ultimate goal continues to be to provide teens with positive role modeling, recognition, encouragement, support and coaching, as well as, many great opportunities for healthy Self-Expression, particularly on DreamStreet Theatre Company’s creative platform.


Your donation to DreamStreet Theatre Company helps to expand access to the Arts, for students of ALL skill levels, build self-esteem (especially for those who are bullied, lack confidence or need an outlet for creative self-expression), and provides mentorship activities centered on life and leadership skill development which leads to achievement.

DreamStreet Theatre Company wants to become your favorite Nonprofit organization to bring meaningful programs to the Chicagoland community. All Donations are appreciated.

DreamStreet Theatre Company is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and Your Donation is fully tax-deductible.

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