Advocacy & Social Change

DreamStreet Theatre Company has a mission of Mentorship for students (youth to teen age groups), through the Creative Arts. Program participants can discover the confidence-building power of skill development, rehearsing and performing on stage while learning about costumes, set designs, creative movement, music, props, theater games and character development. But this is only the beginning…

DreamStreet Theatre company believes the need for social change through mentoring programs, as well as, other purposeful empowerment-based agendas, has never been greater. We are, therefore, proud to offer advanced Empowerment programs within a creative environment, knowing that young people who do not have a mentor often have hopes, dreams and goals, but not know how to go about achieving them.

Mentored youth and teens get a better glimpse of their inner power which allows them to develop into their personal best, and ultimately reach their highest potential.

Through a myriad of DreamStreet Theatre Company productions, special events and programs including our proprietary self-esteem immersion and life skills curriculum, we also empower teens with opportunities for leadership development.

To provide youth and teens with positive role modeling, recognition, encouragement, support and coaching, in addition to many special event initiatives within a Creative Environment is our ultimate goal at DreamStreet Theatre Company.